Style with Confidence

So I’m sure most of us, have experienced seeing something we like, while out shopping. Contemplated trying it on, and once we do, We’re left standing there in the mirror  thinking …No!  Sometimes the most simple task like finding a new look, can seem so hard to accomplish . No worries, lets dig into this situation a little further. Magazines, and social media, are just two of the well-known sources full of inspiration, even the person walking by us can have a “wow” style that gets our attention.

Stylie Dread
Lady Gaga

We all know how we want to look, but sometimes the clothes we try-on doesn’t translate the vibe we’re going for, once we’ve tried it on. Is fit and style always the issue? Nope, not always.                                                                                         

Personality, and Confidence is the secret to putting that missing spark in your style of choice.

Image 5

Fashion and style is only the half of it, the other half, is the personality behind it all, that’s right, You! Think about it, whether it’s Emo, Retro, or Rasta, the person rocking these styles and more, often own the vibe and essence of their style of choice thru their personality, with confidence and zero apologies given to whoever dares to compare or question it. What you choose to wear must reflect your personality for it to “work”. Polka dots, and Sunflowers, or all Black and Pentagons, these looks and more, can be your style of choice any day of the week! But when you choose it, trust me, you better own it! How?  I’ll say it again, confidence

Below is a few Celebrities known for their perfect execution in changing up their style, never leaving out Personality and the Confidence to match! 

Carry on in Style!


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